News is going around the internet about the not one but two after credit scenes from the Deadpool movie, which releases tomorrow 2/14. Earlier screenings of the movie had viewers reporting a mid-credits scene but apparently whatever was used to swear them to secrecy must have been pretty good, since efforts by others to find either leaked footage or information was nil.

Then there was word from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld that what was seen was not all we would get. There would be two scenes with the credits, as in the case with a most but not all Marvel movies as of late. Footage has been leaked online of this scene but, of course, was taken down at demand of 20th Century Fox. The hype, rumors will probably do nothing but help generate an even bigger buzz about the movie.

The news from the second send credits scene is…Cable will be in the Deadpool sequel. Which, if it’s true, will be the first movie appearance of Jean Grey and Scott Summers’ grown up, mutant child from the future who is an on again/off again part of the Deadpool continuity as well as the X-Men mythos.

No word yet on who will be playing Cable, even with the suggestions of Mel Gibson and Dolph Lundgren from Deadpool himself, but I’d like to start the rumor here that Betty White, who just happened to release a review of the Deadpool movie today, will play Cable. With both stories breaking so close together, it only makes sense.