Today, DC Comics has revealed a brand new logo for their company, describing it as “the perfect tribute to DC’s legacy, exciting future and most importantly, our fans.” In a full statement, they unveiled the new look, which will quickly replace the old one across the comics, television shows, and social media channels.

Check it out below!


DC Comics - 2016 Logo

DC Comics – 2016 Logo


In a statement found here, DC Comics describes what motivated the change, and what the new look means for the future of the company. Here is a snippet:

“While comics continue to be the heart and soul of DC, the brand has evolved to now stand for powerful storytelling across so many different forms of media.  DC is home to the greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and the new logo has the character and strength to stand proudly alongside DC’s iconic symbols,” stated Amit Desai, DC Entertainment Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Franchise Management.

The new logo will debut on the cover of the highly-anticipated DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH SPECIAL #1 comic book written by Geoff Johns releasing May 25 and available in comic book shops and digitally.  REBIRTH represents the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe, mixing traditional values and a modern aesthetic.

Fans have been largely accepting of the new logo, calling it a “nice retro throwback” to previous versions. Fans are most likely referring to the 1972 version, which can be seen below alongside other alterations compiled by Nerdcast Network:


At the time of writing, the new logo has already made its debut on all the publisher’s social media channels, digital media, and apps. DC has promised that the new logo will start appearing on products soon.

What do you think of the new logo for DC Comics? Do you think they have gone in the right direction?


Images: DC Comics