Have a few thousand dollars lying around and really, really love Harry Potter? Then we have just the thing to buy with your money. J.K. Rowling is auctioning off the chair she sat in while writing the first two books in her wizarding saga.

jk chair 2

Heritage Auctions is auctioning off the chair online. The lot also includes a signed letter written by Rowling that explains how important the chair is. At the moment, only 20 hours is left on the auction and it is up to $65,000.

According to the auction house, the chair was a part of a set of four she was given for free for the government-provided flat she lived at in Edinburgh. She sat in the chair while writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was published, the chair was going to go up for auction, but Rowling decided to turn the chair into a unique piece of work to make it more wrothwhile for collectors and fans. It was also auctioned off in 2009, selling for $29,117.

One side of the chair has the text, “You may not / find me pretty ~ / but don’t judge / on what you see.” Another part reads, “I wrote / Harry Potter / while sitting / on this chair.”

all images: Heritage Auctions