Still reeling with excitement after the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer? A modder has successfully accomplished what no one knew the world wanted, a recreation of Captain America in Fallout 4. The acting/voice over from the original trailer is present, which only serves to make the remake that much more enjoyable.

To be fair, it was entirely created from the assets within the game, so Iron Man doesn’t look exactly like his big screen counterpart and Spider-Man even less so, but it’s still impressive. Yes, you read right, Spider-Man is in it as well. Cap looks fantastic; his depiction here is somewhat reminiscent of The First Avenger Cap. The modder, UpIsNotJump, did the best with what they was provided. And their best is pretty darn spectacular. See for yourself.

[youtube id=”EBnqrfMirnQ”]

Here’s the original for reference:

[youtube id=”dKrVegVI0Us”]

At the very least, its charm will put a smile on your face.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters, with Spider-Man in tow, on May 6.


Image: Gamesradar