Marvel Music has announced the release of the original score for Captain America: Civil WarThe music was composed and produced by Marvel alum Henry Jackman, whose previous work includes scoring Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Big Hero 6 and X-Men: First Class.

The score will be available for purchase Friday, May 6, the same day as the film’s US release. According to a Marvel press release:

“Jackman recorded the score at London’s Air Lyndhurst Studio and also serves as Soundtrack Producer.  The Executive Soundtrack Producers include Anthony & Joe RussoKevin FeigeNate Moore and Dave Jordan.”

Let’s be honest though. The track list is the real bread and butter here, for those who haven’t seen the film yet. Be warned: They often give clues as to the plot and sequence of the film so peruse at your own risk.

1. Siberian Overture
2. Lagos
3. Consequences
4. Ancestral Call
5. Zemo
6. The Tunnel
7. Celestial Bodies
8. Boot Up
9. A New Recruit
10. Stepping Up
11. Standoff
12. Civil War
13. Larger Than Life
14. Catastrophe
15. Revealed
16. Making Amends
17. Fracture
18. Clash
19. Closure
20. Cap’s Promise
Bonus Track:
21. Adagio

If you’re dying to know what we can expect, musically, from Civil War, The Hollywood Reporter reported on the matter last summer:

“Jackman is preparing to work on Captain America: Civil War, and for those wanting clues as to what the film score could sound like, he suggested listening to the track The Winter Soldier for it’s industrial elements. He cautions it’s just a jumping off point since the Russos are looking for something new — similar with a twist. “

Great news as Jackman has produced some pretty awesome industrial tracks like Magneto for X-Men: First Class and The Causeway and The Winter Soldier for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you have any appreciation for 90s-era Nine Inch Nails, Jackman’s work should be right up your alley.

The score will be available in music stores internationally as well as for streaming on services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and others.


Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)