Captain America: Civil War is less than a month away from hitting theaters, but fans can get an extended sneak peek of what to expect with the B-Roll footage below. What you will see is roughly nine minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of exactly what went into making Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Black Widow look like the badasses they are. Be careful, though, as the footage may feature mild spoilers.


[youtube id=”zdX9yl9eQn8″]


[youtube id=”URGGc3mrnCo”]


T’Challa looks great on screen and that Black Panther suit is so photogenic. Also, Winter Soldier and Cap team-up for the win! Soon, sneak peaks and trailers will no longer be necessary as Captain America: Civil War will finally arrive in theaters on May 6.


Image: Walt Disney Co.

Source via Comicbookresources