Great concept ideas get canned all the time; sadly, it’s nothing new. Fortunately, artists like to share their beautiful brilliance with the rest of us and we get a sneak peek at the awesomeness that should have graced our senses. Marvel’s upcoming epic, Captain America: Civil War is no exception.

While the artwork below is not something you would have seen on the big screen, it definitely belongs on billboards everywhere. The work’s artist, Alexander Lozano, created tons of promotional art for the film and decided to post this painfully unused image on his Facebook page with the following caption:

…this was an unused piece that i was inspired to create at the end of working on the project. i wanted to show them fighting with their gloves off. hope you like it!
“let them fight!”
best, alexander


Captain America and Iron Man


Captain America and Iron Man are depicted duking it out with their gloves off and armor gradually being reduced to shreds. It’s an amazing piece of imagery and we can only guess at why it was never used. The detail is striking, the battle damage is perfect, and who doesn’t like seeing an angry Cap?

There will probably be bouts similar to this and more for audiences to ogle at once Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6.


Image: Walt Disney Co.