One of the few things that could be considered disappointing about Captain America: Civil War was the inclusion of long time Marvel Comics character Baron Zemo. There wasn’t much to the movie that could disappoint, so this may be nitpicking if it was to you. Technically, Zemo being included wasn’t what could be disappointing. It wasn’t Daniel César Martín Brühl González or his performance either. It wasn’t even that the actor shortened his horribly awesome name down to Daniel Brühl. It was the outfit.




Come on, where’s the flare? Where’s the panache? Where’s the style? That’s not the Baron Helmut Zemo that comic fans have come to know since his first appearance in The Avengers #4 way back in 1964. Ok, technically that was a flashback of Zemo and he didn’t appear in person until The Avengers #6. That was the issue where he explains how his mask got glued to his face by Captain America, when his evil adhesive plot was foiled. It’s also true that was Heinrich Zemo and not Helmut Zemo in those comics. Helmut Zemo is Heinrich’s son who took over his father’s fashion sense and perchance for evil.

We may be getting off course though. The CA:CW Zemo is more a Old Navy wearing sort of villain. There was none of the purple tights or snow leopard fur there. Not even the crown or fur lined boots. Marvel Cinematic Universe posted a picture recently on their Facebook page that shows what could have been though. In unused concept art we get to see what a modern Baron Zemo would look like complete with fur and purple.




We’re not sure how this could have possibly fit in with the character and story we saw on screen, but that’s more the Zemo people are used to seeing. The kind whose plot isn’t turning friends against each other to fight, but rather to glue things together for nefarious purposes.


Source: MCU