Actor Bryan Cranston is no stranger to screens both large and small. Having made a name for himself as Hal in Malcolm In The Middle, and contributing to television history with Breaking Bad, the six-time Emmy winner deserves a celebration. Having just celebrated his 60th birthday, he partnered with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to create a parody of the MTV show My Super Sweet 16.

You can watch the whole video here:


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The star has often appeared in spoof videos in the name of fun, and has cemented his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most respected and sought after actors.

The video includes much-loved friends and co-stars of Cranston, including Bob Odenkirk and Aaron Paul. Jimmy Kimmel even makes an appearance as ‘Jimby Kimble’ the acclaimed party planner to help Cranston host the best party ever.


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The entire clip, which is a total of almost 16 minutes, plays out like an entire episode of the classic television series. It contains the planning, preparation, and party as drama is sure to occur, in what Cranston himself explains as a “turn” up party.

My Super Sweet 16 ran for 61 episodes between 2005 and 2008, and documented the often-dramatic events leading up to an extravagant party for a child. Usually accompanied with the help of a friend, they pick overpriced and somewhat tacky clothing items to wear on their big night.

In the video above, Odenkirk takes the place of the friend, helping Bryan Cranston pick the perfect crown to wear (Spoiler: he chooses all five), and has some of the funniest lines of the skit. He actually refers to one of his costume choices as resembling a “sleepy refugee” and describing a hat as, naturally, too “hatty.”

What did you think of the video? Has it inspired you to throw your own party? We would recommend getting the help of Jimby Kimble.


Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live