While The Last of Us adaption is in development hell, and the Uncharted film has suffered through more cycles than there are games in the series, the Borderlands movie seems to be moving along nicely. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film has tapped Section 6 writer, Aaron Berg, who was also recently involved with G.I. Joe 3.

Produced by Arad Productions, the film is set to follow the first game… yeah, the one with the forgettable narrative, horrid final boss and equally terrible ending. But, there’s good news here, too. It will take place on Pandora and is being compared to Mad Max in space. Sounds good on paper; here’s to hoping it will adapt well to a feature length film.

Luckily, THR also reports the film is eyeing an R rating in an effort to capture the franchise’s edginess. Pray it will also maintain the hilarity. Borderlands is unapologetically absurd, and aside from the fantastic loot system and gameplay mechanics, that humor is what keeps the series going strong. In a statement made by Arad amidst the film’s initial announcement, the franchise’s “rich multi-dimensional characters” are cited as a big reason a movie adaption could succeed. The multi-dimensional bit is a stretch, unless only Handsome Jack is considered, but the characters are certainly rich.


Lilith Borderlands

Clearly Scarlett Johansson should be cast as Lilith, right?


There is honestly a lot to pull from the source material, as it is relatively dense. However, how the narrative will be told is of concern. Who could be the main character? A Vault Hunter? Clap-Trap? Actually, explaining Pandora and its oddities will be quite the task. Clap-Trap could narrate the planet’s history and set up the film’s premise. Whatever they choose to do, we’ll be waiting just as long to see it come to fruition as we probably will for Borderlands 3.

Telltale has already proven there are excellent stories to be told on Pandora; they may be ripe for the picking. Tell us which stories and characters you would like to see reflected on the big screen in the comments below.


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