With the release of Batman v Superman this week, there will be several debates sparked among geeks. Who is better, Batman or Superman? Who was the best actor to play Batman, Val Kilmer or Ben Affleck? Which comic version of Batman is best, Frank Miller’s or Morrison and Breyfogle’s? Why can’t people just admit that the cartoon take on Batman will always be ten times better than whatever fake gravely voiced version we see on screen?

Since the creation of the beloved DC superhero in 1939, geeks have had this fascination with discussing not just the The Bat, but all of his nuances. In his new book, The Caped Crusade, self professed nerd Glen Weldon does an in-depth look at the what makes a normal human in tights and pointy-ears so popular.


He’s Bruce Wayne and it turns out he’s been quite a versatile guy for the past 77 years. Dark and gritty or whimsical and full of color, it has depended upon the decade and what writers and fans wanted out of The Bat.

The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture is out now and will set you back about $26, but is totally worth it if you want to upgrade your knowledge of Dark Knight anthropology.

Source: NPR