In honor of Bob’s Burgers 100th episode, Fox Network’s irreverent cartoon take on family life, the network released a live action movie. Bob’s Burgers Live!: The Movie was released yesterday on the Behind Bob’s Burgers Youtube channel.



Described as a live action love letter to fans, the movie was previously shown only to live audiences at sold out Bob’s Burger’s Live! shows that happened in L.A. recently. Those included a live script reading of an unreleased episode of the show, as well as stand up comedy from each cast member.

The movie is Kristin Schaal’s directorial debut. Schall plays Louise the foul-mouthed youngest child on the show and is known for her runs on The Daily Show and Gravity Falls. The rest of the Belcher family shows up in person for the movie: Dan Mintz, H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman and John Roberts. It may be interesting to fans who aren’t familiar with the voice actors, that out of a family of three females and two males, Schaal is the only female member of the voice cast.




Other voice actors from the show, including Oscar winner Kevin Kline, appear in the short that shows the sarcastic and fictional behind-the-scenes lives of the cast. At least, we assume it’s fiction because mermaids don’t exist and Academy Award-winning supporting actors don’t deliver babies. Well, maybe J.K. Simmons does. That guy can do anything.

Bob’s Burgers is in its sixth season and the 100th episode airs at a special time at 9:30 ET this Sunday with the 99th episode of the show airing at the normal 8:30 ET time. The show has received critical and viewer acclaim since airing in 2011, and is part of the Fox Network Sunday night lineup that has been animation heavy for over a decade now.


Image: Fox, Bob’s Burgers Live