Just last week, a fan launched a petition to have the ultimate cut of the film released in theaters. While that particular petition may not have factored into Warner Bros. rumored consideration of releasing the film’s extended cut, it’s safe to say that fans and critics certainly had a hand in the end. Reviews have gone from bad to mixed to indifferent, and while the film just hit its $700M gross mark, the remarkable decline from the first weekend’s earnings to its second must be worrying the studio.

Heroic Insider co-host, Umberto Gonzalez, alleges WB is trying this new tactic to increase the film’s earnings. During a recent show, Gonzalez addressed the rumor saying, “Warner Bros. is seriously considering giving the three-hour cut of BvS a theatrical run before the July 16th home video release date across all platforms.” Gonzalez and his co-host, Daniel Alter, note that it would be a potentially effective move that could bring in repeat viewers and offer those who have yet to see the superhero film a reason to give it a try.


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Interestingly, there has been no shortage of Zack Snyder and the film’s cast members explaining various narrative aspects of Batman v Superman. Most of the issues with the film, it is presumed, are due in part to it having 30 minutes excised on the cutting room floor to maintain the studio’s desired PG-13 rating. We know Lex Luthor’s character has a chance of being better fleshed out, and, according to Snyder, so too does Superman’s unexplained limited abilities.

Even if the extended cut isn’t released in theaters, we’ll be able to determine whether or not the added half hour improves the film when the Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray/DVD hits store shelves on July 16.


Images: Warner Bros.

Source: via Comicbook.com