While Batman v Superman contained a lot of cameos and teases towards future movies, one moment was more confusing than the rest. In a recent interview with Collider, Batman v Superman producer, Deborah Snyder, has explained just how that one scene ties in to their upcoming film slate. There are mild spoilers for the film from here on.

Early Batman v Superman marketing gave us a look at Bruce Wayne’s wasteland dream sequence. That scene was packed with references to the wider DC Universe and ended with a cameo from The Flash. Barry Allen appeared to have arrived in the Batcave from the future, warning Bruce of a nightmare future that he had to prevent. It left quite a few viewers confused; now Deborah Snyder has explained how that scene came to be.

“We had the script and it (the scene) wasn’t in the script.” she said. “We were in the middle of shooting and we started working on the outline for the next movie, figuring out where they go, and Zack said, ‘Oh my God let’s add this moment that is going to pay off down the road’.”

In the interview, which you can see below, Snyder also revealed other connections between this and upcoming releases. She mentioned that the photo of Wonder Woman, which we see in Batman v Superman, will be taken during her standalone movie.

But it’s the vision that will grab the most attention. Could this be hinting at some kind of adaptation of Injustice: Gods Among Us? Given how far off Justice League Part Two is, it’s likely the pay off for this cameo will come in Part One in November next year.

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Image: Warner Bros.