After a record-breaking opening weekend that earned it the fourth largest global opening in box office history, Batman v Superman has dropped 68 percent, in its second. Domestically, last weekend the film earned $166M, this weekend the film only grossed a meager $52.4M. This number puts the superhero-action film at the 26th biggest second weekend, according to EW. The film’s estimated numbers are that its earned roughly $261.5M domestically and $681.3M worldwide; Warner Bros. has certainly seen an eclipsed return.

Batman and Supes in the rain

Despite its early box office success, critics speculated Batman v Superman would decline significantly during weekend number two. Everyone who wanted to see it did, hence the record-breaking attendance. The film’s long-run earnings are now left to the casual movie-going audience and they don’t seem to be turning up for it. Lackluster reviews and word of mouth surely play a factor, and BvS hasn’t been getting too much love on either one of those fronts.

With no major competition to speak of until The Jungle Book’s opening on April 14, the film may still have time to grow some legs. We’ll have to see how the two DC titans fare in their third weekend.


Images: Warner Bros.