Though the film recently saw a 69 percent decline from its first weekend to the second, as of Tuesday’s closing numbers, Batman v Superman has passed $700M in earnings worldwide. According to Variety, via Warner Bros., Zach Snyder’s latest raked in $14.3M this Monday which brings its international total to $698M.

With $263.7M earned domestically and an additional $434 overseas, the studio estimates its Tuesday totals will see the film hit the $700M mark. Because last weekend saw the superhero flick hit a 69 percent decrease from its first weekend earnings of $166M to a $51.3M drop, the movie is estimated to earn roughly $25M in the US in its third weekend. Though it will, presumably, remain number one at the box office for the third consecutive week.


Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the set of BvS

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the set of Batman v Superman


Because Batman v Superman seems to be loosing its footing, its being suggested the film won’t hit the $1 billion global mark it was initially expected to snag. Although poor critical scores failed to have a negative effect on the film’s record-breaking opening weekend, they and word of mouth seem to have allayed the casual movie-going audience from giving the film legs it critics assumed it would fail to maintain.

These are still impressive numbers and because Warner Bros. more than earned back the $250M put into the film, it’s safe to assume they are at least pleased with the commercial outcome.

Batman v Superman is in theaters now and Suicide Squad, the next film to hit the DCEU, arrives in theaters this summer on August 5.


Images: Warner Bros.