Over the weekend the internet was abuzz at the news regarding the film’s record breaking opening weekend. A few of those records still stand after the numbers have been finalized, but one has been debunked.

It’s true that BvS shattered a myriad of box office records: biggest March opening of all time (beating The Hunger Games’ 152.5M), seventh biggest domestic opening of all time ($166.1M), fourth biggest global opening of all time ($420M), becoming only the fourth film to cross the $400M mark globally, and beating out The Dark Knight Rises ($160.9M) and The Dark Knight (158.4M) as the biggest DC and Batman openings of all time.


However, the numbers indicating the film was on its way to dethroning Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (169.2M) as WB’s biggest opening have been fine tuned. Now the Bat and the Boy Scout sit at number two on WB’s record books behind the Chosen One, Harry Potter.

As far as the home court is concerned, Batman v Superman’s domestic earnings of $166.1M did not sweep past Marvel’s Avengers or Iron Man 3. Though its record breaking global numbers, listed above, did beat both films worldwide.

Batman v Superman is in theaters now with a Blu-ray release scheduled for July 16th.


Images: Warner Bros.