User Thechoozen, along with a few friends, accepted a challenge on the MSI (Micro-Star International) forums. The challenge was to build a PC case mod inspired by the upcoming Batman v Superman. They chose to take on the Batmobile, based on footage from the movie trailers, alone. Big task, but they were up for it; fortunately, they were successful. They were able to cram all components of a gaming PC, sans the GTX graphics card, into the Batmobile mod’s design. Take a look at the components list below:

  • CPU: Intel I5 -6600K
  • Mainboard: MSI – Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON
  • Graphics Card:MSI – GTX 960 GAMING 4G
  • RAM: Kingston -HyperX Savage 16GB Kit (4x4GB) – DDR4 2133MHz
  • SSD: Kingston – HyperX SAVAGE SSD 120GB
  • Case: NZXT – Phantom 530 black
  • PSU: Enermax – Platimax 750 W
  • Cooler: Thermaltake – NiC C5
This is what they were going for.

This is what they were hoping to accomplish

This is what the team ended up with.

This is the final result


The detail is phenomenal, and to think there’s a PC running inside this thing!

More images from the build:

Not everyone will get to enjoy this beautiful build, but at least the wait is drawing to a close on Batman v Superman’s March 25th release date.


[Source and Images Courtesy of Thechoozen on MSI Forumsvia Kotaku]