As far as the DCEU is concerned, there are plenty of hands in the metaphorical cookie jar. With some fans and critics bothered by Zack Snyder’s fingerprints on the films going forward, everyone is thrilled to have the rumored duo of comic legend Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck working so closely together on the solo Batman film. Speculations regarding Affleck directing were all but confirmed several weeks ago at CinemaCon, and the award-winning director and writer is also rumored to have already completed a script for the film. Is there anything that could possibly please a Bat-fan more? Yes.

According to Heroic Hollywood, rumors abound that in addition to Johns and Affleck partnering up for Batman, the two will also have “complete creative control.” Exciting news, since it could entail the pair will have full control of the story, how the narrative will play out, and the film’s direction. With Johns’ impeccable knowledge of everything DC and Affleck’s brilliant mind for directing and writing, the two could be a dynamic duo to rival even Batman and Robin.


Geoff Johns black and white image, Aquaman hat

Geoff Johns Courtesy of DC


Their complete creative control could spell many things for Batman and the franchise as a whole. With so much good grace going into the project, after Batfleck’s stellar performance in BvS and Johns’ incredible pedigree with Batman comics, there’s a slither of hope they may play a larger role in the grand scheme of things going forward. Should the Batman solo film be as amazing as expected, what else could they partner-up on?

The film is reportedly in the earliest stages of development, but a release date has yet to be confirmed. Although, recent release dates for two untitled DC films could indicate it will hit sometime in late 2018 or 2019.


Image: Warner Bros.