Patrick Tatopoulos was the Production Designer tasked with the momentous job of designing a new look for Batman and the Batmobile in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was more than just another gig for him, it was a passion project since the Caped Crusader is his favorite hero. That passion definitely shows in his incredible concept work, which can be seen below from the artist’s Instagram page.

The two following images are his early designs of the Batmobile that were approved by Zack Snyder and created for the film.


Batman and Batmobile



Batman and Batmobile


The next design is an early concept for the Apocalypse Knightmare Batman. Tatopoulos notes: “Pencils, markers and photoshop to clean up and play with contrast and tone. Half old fashion half new tools. Fun.”



The artist writes that the design of Bruce Wayne’s glasshouse, which can be viewed below, was heavily inspired by the architectural work of Mies van der Rohe.        



After seeing that Doomsday was originally designed with an alternate look in mind, it’s awesome to view art showing the designs of Batman and the Batmobile stayed true to how the artist initially envisioned.


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Images: Warner Bros.