Suicide Squad director David Ayer has already addressed the rumor that the film was reshooting to add humor. At the Warner Bros. CinemaCon presentation he talked to Collider about the nature of the reshoots in more detail, asserting that they were the studio’s vote of confidence.

The studio seems pleased with the film, and fortunately for Ayer, he’s been given extra opportunities to add additional action set pieces.

“If they don’t like your movie they tend to not want to invest in it. If they love your movie, they give you what you want. And I don’t think there’s any director that finishes a movie and says, ‘Wow that’s perfect, that’s what I really want it to be.’ Every movie I’ve ever made I wish I could go and grab some additional stuff and that’s exactly the chance I got this time. It’s like getting a new car but you get fancy rims and a new stereo.”

Ayer wasn’t willing to divulge exactly what he was adding to the film, but he was free to talk about what audiences can expect from the soundtrack. Those who have seen the last two trailers are continuously buzzing about the music featured in them, which has been typically syncing with the action on screen. “It’s gonna be an interesting soundtrack, let’s just say that. We have some really cool original things coming in but also some familiar things too, and a great score,” he explained.


Davide Ayer directed Suicide Squad Cast at CinemaCon

Suicide Squad Cast at CinemaCon


Batman v Superman has been heavily criticized for what some would call catering to DC die hards; teases and easter eggs abound in the film, and at moments, they overshadowed everything else. For the most part, they raised more questions than answers, which has left much of the audience divided in regard to their usefulness in a movie already packed with detail. Ayer addressed whether or not that would be the case with Suicide Squad, saying that what he put together was for the passionate die hards and casual movie-goers.

“Well the film has to work on two levels, it’s gotta work for the people that know and love the comics and it’s gotta work for the people that know nothing about the comics, and I think it’s gonna work for both. I dug deep in this and really researched the canon, pulled storylines from a lot of different sources, characters from a lot of different sources, and it all works together really well. But I think for someone that doesn’t know any of it, it works great too. It’s dense, let’s just say it’s really dense. There’s a lot of imagery, there’s a lot of nods, and there’s a lot of easter eggs.”


He is certainly no stranger to teasing.



During the interview with Collider, he also touched on what it was like directing Ben Affleck’s Batman.

“I mean look, as a kid I was a fan of DC Comics. I read them, I love Batman. Batman was always my favorite superhero, and then to have him walk on my set one day was an incredible experience. Even my cynical, hard-bitten movie crew got quiet when that happened. And Ben’s a great dude, he’s a good guy to work with.”

Bats, Harley Quinn and the Joker are the biggest draws for the film thus far, and the more good we hear, the lengthier the wait seems to get. Tell us what has you the most hyped for Suicide Squad as the August 5 release date grows nearer by the day.


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