The recent live-action trend has reached the likes of the popular comic and animated series, Astro Boy. Imagi Animated Studios released Astro Boy back in 2009. The animated film lost big with only a nineteen-and-a-half million-dollar income, which hardly reached its estimated forty million-dollar budget. With a critical and economical failure still in the rear view mirror, it is hard to imagine anyone would be willing to work on a recently unsuccessful property. The brave writers of the box-office success San Andreas will be writing the screenplay for the Japanese manga’s latest adaptation. Multiple sources say Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore are set to draft the screenplay for the live-action adaptation of Astro Boy.


What does this mean for Astro Boy?

San Andreas made over four-hundred million-dollars worldwide. Since every good movie begins with a good script, Astro Boy seems to be on the right track.
San Andreas did its job; it entertained audiences. In short, Astro Boy needs a compelling story to work, especially in a live-action setting. Personally, I do not want Astro Boy to act as if he came from A.I. Artificial Intelligence. The script needs to work for a story this eccentric. If nothing else, I would love to see Fabrizio and Passmore write Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson into the script as Pluto. As of now, there is no set release date for Astro Boy. Stay tuned to Geek Feed for updates.


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Writer: Jacob Loser
Twitter: @JacobJLoser