Whoa, last night was pure insanity! We finally learned who’s been in the grave, something the show’s been teasing since season 4’s start, and it was not pretty. Fair warning, spoilers below for Arrow episode 18, Eleven-Fifty-Nine.



Okay, let’s get this over with. Holy mother of God, they killed Laurel! Laurel! What? How many Canarys are we set to lose before series end? Poor Captain Lance–this is the third time he’s had to deal with the death of a child. He only has two and only one is actually dead. Meanwhile, the other is time-traveling. The trailer below depicts the aftermath of Laurel’s death and how Team Arrow chooses to handle the horrible events. Diggle, who blames himself, seems to be ready to cross the line and take extreme measures.


[youtube id=”FNu_5W-wo8k”]


Fortunately, this won’t be the last we see of Katie Cassidy. She’ll guest star on episode of 22 of The Flash as the Earth 2 Golden Age version of Black Canary, Black Siren. You can watch footage of her on the set of the show here. Unfortunately, dreams of a Birds of Prey spin off are slowly being dashed. Tears. However, Caity Lotz, original Canary and now White Canary, came up with the brilliant idea that the Birds of Prey should be a thing on The Flash’s Earth 2. Who knows if the producers will bring her idea to life?


Laurel on Arrow

Rest in Peace, ADA Laurel Lance


Arrow will return from a brief hiatus on April 27.


Images: The CW