It wasn’t that long ago that Arrow was considered the best comic book TV show around. It was the king of DC TV which was booming while Marvel failed to get going on the small screen. Times have really changed since then, and the fans of Arrow have gone to drastic steps to show it.

The Green Arrow and his team wrapped up their fourth season this week, and it’s safe to say that the episode didn’t meet expectations. After over a year on the decline, the show’s most dedicated fans showed their disapproval in the most spectacular fashion. Overnight, the Arrow subreddit became a Daredevil subreddit.


The Arrow subreddit after the finale

Fans on r/arrow didn’t react to well to the season finale


Many have compared the two shows since Daredevil was released last year, but it seems the Man Without Fear has completely eclipsed the Green Arrow now. Discussion threads have popped up on the site for episodes from the Netflix series, which signals a switch away from their focus on Arrow. 

The negative reactions started right after the episode, as fans were quick to point out the massive problems they saw in the finale. One fan, mkd87, channelled his inner Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons to write this scathing review:

“Let’s see here… The finale was filled with plot holes. Like where the f–k do thousands of nukes in mid-flight go? How did Oliver channel his magic from the hope of the citizens? How did Darhk’s powers powered by tens of thousands of souls just go limp d–k in 2 seconds, yet he was able to kill Felicity’s ex from far away? And the final fight scene? What the f–k was that? The final fight scene was s–t. They’re both highly trained in martial arts and they’re just trading punches in the face back and forth? The f–k? Did the action scene choreographer take time off or what? Worst season finale ever.”


Oliver Queen on Arrow


Stephen Amell recently talked about restoring the show back to what made it work in its early days, so fans clearly have a point. But can Season 5 win back the fans who have turned away from the show?


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  • Lulu

    Ok first let’s no kid ourselves saying they are the most dedicated fans because that’s totally arguably. I Can easily pin point multiple reasons why they aren’t, why subreddit arrow is mostly a group of children with north but comic Canon in them. them if you want to say “most dedicated” (a journalist/reporter isn’t allowed to use adjectives just post things without giving a personal point of view, and a critic doesnt use adjectives to determine if a fan is or isn’t the most dedicated, they use adjectives on technicalities and quality yes) now I can call Olicity fans the most dedicated ones, basically every show they are Trending their tags arrow, olicity, felicity, so yes that’s dedicated fans to the show and what they like, even with the dreadful baby mama drama they still supported the show, trended, stood there. Let’s just also say that as reddit they vote in polls, got easily over 5m votes to get the coca cola San Diego comic con sooty sooty the year. Got nominees for their faves, but overall they were vocal about supporting the show. If you want to talk about a fan base talk about them. Because “dedicated” fits them.
    Reddit fans are all about comic Canon and bullying the actors, producers. Glad they are gone. I’ve never seen people most child like than them, instead of giving logic arguments they were “killing laurel is stupid she is canon” well, I would like to remember them that in smallville green arrow didn’t end up with black canary either. In arrow comics he doesn’t have a sister, laurels mom was black canary, there was no Sarah and many of the villains in the show Arrow from arrow storyline.
    Also this is a tv show that says based on dc comics, dc comics are 52 earths worth of storylines and arcs.
    Reddit fans have preconceived ideas that the tv show MUST FOLLOW comics when everyone from berlantti, kreinsberg, Guggenheim to amell, Ramsey, rickards have said this is their show not the comics. If they don’t enjoy it anymore they are welcome to go, and they should because they are extremely psychotic. I mean they say Amell is such a bad actor with a big ego, Guggenheim is a misogynist he killed laurel but he should have killed felicity (that’s misogyny not the other way around) they have called Emily bett rickards from hoping she gets kills to fat rat, to many more names provoking that the network network to call her ask her if she hadnt received threats on her life, thats how low those Canon fans are, and I’m not saying people doesnt dislike Katie cassidy, multiple people does, from here arriving late to conventions and messing with people’s schedule to her acting and yes fans of Arrow, olicity, Oliver, felicity fans didn’t like this version of black canary from start, people knew cassidy was to be black canary but her attitudes were egotistical from start, betraying her sister, using Oliver for his name (yeah she kinda loved him) by first was her interested on the Queen name and what that could mean for her in her dreams of being ADA. Tell in Oliver to rot in hell lian yu, staying at her office saving documents and therefore being the reason tommy got kill when both oliver and her dad told her to stay out glades, she could have focused on getting people out of the office instead of documents, blaming the arrow for tommys, drinking and drugs were stupid for an independent girl, blaming sarah when laurel knew sarah met olivers first and had feelings for him, till lastly resurrecting sarah w/o facts, risking thea. So multiple reqson for people to not like her. Im not saying felicity is well writen, she had flaws in s3 when she was helping the team with Oliver and without oliver to save the city, but she was also living the decision of a relationship that also could easily been seen developing from start of the show, felicity cried, but stood there, complained but stood there, as in general happens with olicity and felicity fans. In s4 reddit fans wanted felicity killed off for comic Canon sake, no other reason, because it’s ultimately in her that the team relays on, and the baby mama drama was meant to be divisive from start, and she reacted as any woman would do, helped to rescue the child but then put herself first, whoever gets betrayed, in a serious commited relationship where trust is basic, would do the same. Ooh but Oliver promised to Sandra to keep the kid a secret, with him being a hero that was to end beautifully since he was going to central city, people were go in to find it anyway. The problem was he could have addressed it, say there’s something but I can talk, he could have done multiple things but he instead lied, that’s the whole point, something Oliver needs to learn to trust in himself and his team because ultimately he didnt trust felicity will stay with him, and lets accept felicity told him, twice, that the kid wasn’t the problem. This storyline messed up things and brought unnecessary drama, and her paralysis wasnt given enough time, but after a deserved breakdown she was still there for the team, and the nuclear thing that was messy, but ultimately heroes took decisions to save people, there was a collateral effect but this isn’t an easy decision, or something she did alone, lyla was there as government rep and she was ok with that decision, in war times the focus is to save most lives I its not possible. to save everyone, she did that. But the storyline was not an excellent one. So to say redid fans are the most dedicated, to comic they are, to the show they weren’t. They didnt support it and they werent vocal, when people talk at, the talk, media talk, Oliver, felicity, Diggle. Diggle. The reddit fans scream canon snd think they are the only fans that matter, they left arrow because canary was killed and its not canon on a show who always said WASNT CANON, THEY scream misogyny to the show but they are that, even Kevin Smith called them out because people told him to kill felicity and how her fans were cun*s and Kevin told them that’s not the way to treat women. So, if they are gone, GOOD

    • Michael Sundberg

      Oh look, a Tumblr user.

      Except the general rating of the show plummeted as felicity ended up being more of a main character. And yes, people are upset about canon because it is supposed to be about the green arrow, not felicity and friends. When they actually focus on Amnell it comes out great, but the show has steadily declined as they focused more on the romance than the actual story. Hell, they nuked a city, and spent more time with felicity and her mom chatting than responding to the 20,000+ people that just died.

      • Lulu

        Such a big boy, you ARE NOT, I dont use tumblr thanks. See how close minded you are, and also a jer*?! Ok, i might give it that some fans are upset about Canon for the reason you say, but there are also those who scream laurel couldnt die because Canon, in this show the most expendable character was her, didn’t have an arc or storyline apart of bringing sarah back to set lot. While felicity and oliver where in ivy town, even then dig, laurel and thea asked for her help. She got her own arc, setting for a way to stop Damian with the help of her dad, Donna became the comic relief and also it brought the origin of felicity Smoak, something each character had. It was less painful than the lance drama too, laurel vs Sarah in s2 was awful, and soap opera, then again Sarah had the hero path. But at the end both were necessary as setting the main characters and later on a dark show Donna as comic relief when things were dark for Oliver and felicity it happens in every show. The nuclear thing no one liked or the magic thing because this show isn’t supernatural or flash. And about those 10k + dying, they were given the same time and talk than those 3 that were killed by a bloodlust Sarah and that was laurel fault, thats one problem of the show, how they dont follow the whole thing, the resolution, its the same space that got when Thea killed because of bloodlust, so if you want to talk do it with all the facts and not just because felicity isn’t canon, yet is a fan favourite and still, viewers always decline, but olicity fans are here didn’t like baby mama drama but are here yes, but also respect the producers, it’s their shows, if you don’t like it then what are you doing here, sulking? Being a jer*? 2,5 m were the media and even after laurels death the last 5 episodes were steady with 2,2m and what annoys me so much is that can in basement dwellers think that people doesn’t like the show because canary was killed, no, it’s not true, because people are still watching the show. What people don’t like and have made it public it’s how unresolved the baby mama drama storyline wasn’t resolved, how Felicity being paralysed and back to walk didn’t let it and her be complete, we didn’t see what she was doing on Palmer tech, in general the show needs to see through the storylines and arcs, the minimal problem is if it’s or not canon, the problem is the writing and we all agree about that, canon, olicity fans. But canary fans think its canary what made arrow, arrow. Well breaking news, what made arrow arrow is superhero powerless stories with good fights, and less mask heroes. Thats why OTA was the fan fave. As for the rest, you need to grow up, be less of a jer* and rationalize more.

        • Michael Sundberg

          A lot of people continued to watch the show because most people don’t like leaving a show halfway through a season, even if it’s terrible, but the actual ratings for the show plummeted. Until season three it didn’t go under a 7, the season finale that just ended was rated a 2 I believe. It had a steady downward slope in the rated quality of the show, and a good number of people have said they are going to stop watching after this season. As for the green arrow being around powerless hero’s,thats not actually canon, hes I’m the justice league in the comics, he works with the flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, green lantern, all powered masks. The thing is, when it comes to an established series, producers have some free reign, but if they want to totally make their own thing they should make a new IP. They only go off established ones for safety, there are people who will still watch shows about he green arrow even when they dislike it. This article is about the subreddit for arrow, and there are a lot of viewers on there, and the latest season was so universally panned on that subreddit that no one cared that they switched it’s focus to daredevil. That should tell you something. A giant chunk of the shows viewers on there said they were watching until the end of the season, and then are done. That is not a good thing, and the main cause of it there is the focus more on felicity.

          • Lulu

            It tells me that they are basement dwellers, because most of them only scream they couldn’t kill black canary she is canon, they should have killed felicity she isn’t canon, or Diggle he isn’t canon either or even Thea. So no, they aren’t fans of the show, they are fans of the green arrow black canary story line. Thats the point, they are close minded. This season ended w an imdb grade of 5,8 and the ratings of 2,2m for the last episode, which is steady. You could have said many other things but actually besides the 200k bc fans that left, the rest of the viewers stayed. Maybe it went down and was expected since a character left but from2,5m to 2,2m the decrease is of less than 10%. The “some people stayed till season end and left, that will be proved right or wrong by s5 opening and maybe even till mid season. not before, because reddit fans said i will leave if they kill black canary yet they are still here. And what i meant about powerless, it stays in justice league he could have helped, but in general his enemies are mortals, not metahumans, that more flash not arrow. Their only objection is black canary… olicity fans, general fans have hated the baby mama drama, some the easy out of felicity paralysis or thea’s bloodlust, or the easy out of the egotistical reasons of laurel to bring Sarah back, risking star city, 3 ended up death, risked Thea, little resolution to the calculator storyline, to Digs darkness. Thats what show fans care, in general. Black canary was never necessary, she was expendable and without storyline, didn’t have it since earlier this season and her storyline in s2 was lame as was bringing Sarah back, those were mostly egotistical, not heroically done, her development to bc was not earned, it was rushed. Most people liked Sarah precisely because she had a heroic path, she went through the same things that Oliver did, laurel had 6months w wildcat, and then she wanted to be treated as equal, that’s a joke. Laurel was better as lawyer, media agrees, they all have said she wasn’t believable as black canary and I agree, show should have kept Sarah as canary, laurel as lawyer, and OTA, canary and arsenal as the team arrow, that’s when the show was successful. So, no! Reddit is canon and bs nothing else, we are better this way

      • Michael Sundberg

        Oh look, the idiot that can’t spell.