Episode 18 of Arrow, 11:59, ended with the death of one of the series’ major characters. That death may undo one of the decisions Felicity has made. Beware of season 4 spoilers below.


Laurel/Black Canary is dead, maybe; the producers have already teased how her death will effect Team Arrow as season 4 progresses. However one former member of the team, Felicity, hasn’t been touched on much at all. Speaking to TV Line, executive producer Marc Guggenheim and writer Wendy Mericle changed that trend as they spoke on whether or not Laurel’s death entails Felicity’s return to Team Arrow as Overwatch or her return to former fiancĂ©, Oliver.


Felicity with Team Arrow in "Canary Cry"

Felicity with Team Arrow in ‘Canary Cry’


“There are two issues [Felicity will need to address]. She’s broken up with Oliver, and she’s also broken up with the team, essentially. And in Episode 19 [Canary Cry], we’ll see the undoing of one of those decisions,” Guggenheim revealed.

Mericle added, “She could come back to the team, and that does not mean that she’s back together with Oliver. We started off this season with Felicity really wanting to come back and do this because she herself enjoys this kind of vigilante lifestyle, but that is separate from Oliver,” she continued. “In [season 4’s premiere], he didn’t want to; it was more about her making herself happy than anything else. So she’ll be grappling in some ways with that.”

Reiterating that Laurel’s death was not a bridge to reuniting ‘Olicity,’ Guggenheim explained, “We never had to kill Laurel to make Oliver and Felicity a couple. That is really independent from the romantic history that Oliver and Laurel had and a completely different set of dynamics.”

Fans are still pretty upset with Laurel’s death, especially since it seemed her time as the Black Canary was finally gearing up for a new character arc. We’ll know more about the ramifications once Arrow returns on Wednesday, April 27.


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