A new update for the Apple Music Android app surprisingly has a feature that iOS users don’t yet: a widget for your home screen.

As pointed out by Endgadget, the widget works like most music app widgets, giving users quick access to basic controls like pause, play and skip. The widget also includes a heart button so you can quickly highlight songs you love.

Other new updates allow users to redeem their iTunes gift cards to renew your membership, see what Beats 1 is playing easily and check out the most popular album tracks available on Apple Music. You can also add Apple Music catalog tracks to playlists without needing to put it in your library.

The app is now up on Google Play. Apple charges $10 a month for access to Apple Music streaming.

For iOS users, it is a bit disappointing that Android users get this first, but as Business Insider notes, the iOS Apple Music app has some of its own special features, including using voice control to play a song.

image: Apple.com