Fans of Japanese superhero shows Kamen Rider and Ultraman rejoice, because Amazon Japan is bringing them back. We’re pretty sure there will be plenty excitement surrounding the news, just how much remains to be seen. In Japan, this might be big since those franchises have been around for over four decades. However, the rest old world might not rejoice, so much as give a hearty ‘What now?’

This announcement comes from a press release on the Amazon Japan site, along with news about 18 other shows coming to both Japan and later the rest of the world as original programming via Amazon Prime. Documentary programming is streaming in Japan now with the created content coming soon. The first of those shows appears to be Hapimari ~ Happy Marriage!? starting on June 22, premiers are planned to be released for the rest into 2017.

Other notable shows will be Magi, which is based on a book by Midori Wakakuwa and the manga series Businessmen vs. Aliens. It doesn’t take much to figure out what the latter show is about, but both titles make Ultraman sound like a household name.

Urutoraman first premiered in 1966 in Japan and became a major pop culture phenomenon, then found its way overseas as Ultraman. The show is about a guy merged with a giant space robot who fights monsters. There are, of course, lots of men in rubber suits causing destruction as they fight in cardboard model cities. The new version is set to come out this December as Ultraman Orb.

Masked Rider Amazonzu is the latest of the Kamen Rider series that is part of Amazon Japan’s spring schedule next year. The story originally was more of a proto-Power Rangers, with the title character fighting bad guys as a grasshopper-themed altered-human on a motorcycle. It was another show that made fans realize sometimes it’s best not to think about the logic of what they were watching and just enjoy it for what it’s worth.

Will you be checking Amazon Japan’s first attempt into original content when it reaches the international market? Details on that are still to come.

Image: Amazon Japan