ACE Chemicals has been getting a lot of love lately. In a recent episode of The Flash, the chemical plant was name dropped a couple of times by the team. Now fans have spotted a, seemingly, yet to be seen easter egg alluding to the Joker’s origin in Batman v Superman. Spoilers follow for the film.

Reddit user Vizgauss, the same Redditor who came across the possible Robin identity teaser, discovered the chemical plant’s sign in the background during Superman’s Kryptonite-spear-wielding flight towards Doomsday. The shot is admittedly blurry, but kudos to Vizgauss for noticing it and props to Snyder and Co. for sneaking the easter egg in there. Brilliant work. You can see the image below.


Superman kryptonite spear ACE chemicals in background


Joker’s origin begins at ACE Chemicals, where his struggle fighting the Batman led to his tumbling demise into a large vat of acid. Obviously, the fall and the damage didn’t kill him, it just made him crazy. And thus began his life as the chaotic Clown Prince of Crime.

What’s especially interesting about this image is that the sign looks very similar to Rocksteady’s design of the company in the Batman Arkham series. That too could just be another nod to the Bat-stories that have come before the film, and it’s a very awesome one.


ACE Chemicals in Batman Arkham City

ACE Chemicals in Batman Arkham City


Perhaps we’ll get an even more substantial look at ACE in Suicide Squad, and if Johns and Affleck are gunning for an Arkham or Jason Todd story, like some fans are hoping, the chemical plant may have a pivotal role. Batman: Straight Outta Arkham has a nice ring to it; you are more than welcome to steal that WB.

In other easter egg news, fans have also spotted what appears to be Harley Quinn’s jester outfit in the latest Suicide Squad trailer. Despite whatever may be going on with WB, Snyder, and DCEU directors, let’s hope the expertly handled teasing continues.

Batman v Superman hits Blu-ray/DVD sometime this summer with a whopping three hour R-rated cut.


Images: DC, Warner Bros.