The World Of Warcraft video game already has a movie version coming out this year, but now Blizzard Entertainment have announced another unexpected spin-off of the franchise – a children’s book series.

World of Warcraft: Traveler will be aimed at 8-12 year olds, younger than those targeted by the game which is rated T for Teen. A brief synopsis for the books is below:

“Set in the breathtaking land of Azeroth, this epic action-adventure series features a young cast of Warcraft characters discovering the mysteries and majesty of the world around them.”

The first book of the series will be written by Greg Weisman, who is most famous for being the showrunner of popular animated superhero TV shows Young Justice and The Spectacular Spider-Man. It will feature artwork and illustrations from Blizzard artists Samwise Didier and Stephanie Belin. A behind-the-scenes video to announce the series can be viewed above.

The first World of Warcraft: Traveler book will be released in hardback this year in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Story: Scholastic