With a plethora of actresses vying for the epic role of Carol Danvers, we’re left with a speculative short list as to who should play our titular hero. As whiny as it sounds, we know what we want and what the role demands: the real question is, can any of these rumoured ladies deliver? Let’s run through this wildly varied list – prepare yourself for controversy..

1. Charlize Theron

Image Credit: Mirror

Image Credit: Mirror

Let’s kick off with a safe bet: Charlize Theron. With the box office pull to pay MCU’s bills, sci-fi experience in a myriad of films and an athletic physique, it’s easy to see why this blonde bombshell is considered a fan favourite. Sadly, Charlize’s 40-years-not-so-young doesn’t work in her favour as we all know Carol is in fact in her mid 30’s. Oh, sad times Charlize.

From obscurity to Oscar-winning: who’s this leading lady?!

  • tdph68 awesomesauceminecraft

    Definitely Dormer. To me she looks the most like carol Danvers never the less the has the right face and hair color as well

  • IantheHuman

    In my opinion, I would definitely love to see Dianna Again play this role. Blonde, Beautiful and Talented. Yes, she is meek. But have you seen her performance in The Family? Or in I am Number Four. She is definitely an underrated actress.