Convention season is upon us, and right around the corner are arguably three of the most exciting days of the year for gamers, thanks to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3. Each year, E3 sees the biggest names in gaming reveal the projects they’re currently working on, and last year’s expo featured exciting upcoming titles including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dishonored 2, and The Last Guardian.

Here are seven of the biggest announcements we’re expecting from this year’s expo.

1. A PlayStation Neo Announcement


Image: Sony


Often referred to as PlayStation 4.5 or 4K, rumours of a new PlayStation console codenamed PS Neo have been circulating for a while now. It’s believed that Sony will confirm these rumours at this year’s E3, and that the console will be an upgraded version of PlayStation 4 for improved virtual reality compatibility and an enhanced gaming experience with higher CPU and better graphics.

We know Sony plans to announce the new console before the release of PS VR in October, so E3 would be the perfect time to start building excitement, and explain to gamers exactly why we might want to upgrade our console only three years after the release of the PS4.

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