Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez has come across a breakdown of the five characters currently being cast in the impending The Flash standalone, which will star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen’s Flash. However, Gonzalez warns readers that it’s common for a type of character to be tested that isn’t necessarily in relation to a particular role. Though he does state “actresses are currently testing here in Los Angeles for the specific role… so it led me to believe that the breakdown might not be a fugazzi after all.” He also spoke with a number of fans, who have informed him that the following character breakdowns look awfully familiar to what we’ve seen in season 1 of CW’s The Flash. Those fans are correct beyond a doubt.


Iris West


Iris West is the first character on the list who will reportedly be cast. Her breakdown says she’s meant to have “Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style” to match her hyper-caffeinated role as a reporter for The Central City Citizen.


Eobard Thawne


The next character is fan favorite Eobard Thawne who will be confined to a wheelchair due to a degenerative disease, akin to Stephen Hawking. He’s described as Central City’s very own Bill Gates and is supposed to be instantly recognizable as the smartest man in the room.


Fred Chyre


Detective Fred Chyre is a gruff type and the “closest thing Barry has to a friend.” The two are colleagues who met at a crime scene, and it’s suspected that, during the film, Chyre will be working on an “unusual death” at Thawne Laboratories.


Flash Rogue Leonard Snart/Captain Cold


In the breakdown, another fan favorite, Len Snart, is characterized as an ex-military man who works for Eobard Thawne. He’s more than likely the hired muscle.


Jay Garrick's Flash


Jay Garrick is supposed to only have a cameo. In his character’s breakdown, he’s said to be a former Central University professor who was let go because of his unconventional science practices with his speed force program.

Gonzalez reiterates that these are purely breakdowns. However, because there are actresses being tested in LA for a specific role, one firmly believed to be Iris West, he states there could be some validity to what’s been discovered. So for now, we should probably tame our excitement…

Forget tame.


The Flash


The Flash is coming to the big screen people! Those two mini-teases in Batman v Superman were minor tastes, especially in comparison to what’s coming once the character’s standalone arrives in theaters on March 16, 2018. The Scarlet Speedster deserves to hit the silver screen in grand fashion, and these five characters are definitely huge. It’s being pulled off on television masterfully, so while it’s odd the film seems to be taking the same approach, at least it is a proven one. Chime in with your thoughts and theories below.


Images: DC, The CW